Capitals Thinking

Capitals thinking is a holistic approach to  understanding value through the impacts of, and dependencies on, the four types of capital: natural, human, social, and produced (including financial).  This multi-pronged approach to valuation affords organizations a broader, more realistic perspective on their true costs and risks.  Clearer quantification of these risks allows for better strategic planning, more informed decision making, and the ability to de-risk supply chains, production cycles, and day-to-day business operations.  Furthermore, it opens up new avenues of opportunity identification and capitalization; be they in terms of CSR, talent identification and retention, or supply chain diversification.

Explore how the Natural Capital Protocol and the Social and Human Capital Protocol can enhance the decision making frameworks of Canadian enterprises, and make for a more sustainable Canadian economy.

Social & Human Capital Protocol

Much, if not all, of an organization’s activity is directly dependent on leveraging human capital, and that human capital is directly impacted (if not bound) by social frameworks. Failing to identify, quantify, and properly value these dependencies can result in significant risk exposure, inefficiencies, and lost opportunities. Applying the Social & Human Capital Protocol can have a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line, corporate culture, client relationship management, preparedness for regulatory shifts, and many more important factors impacting organizational prosperity and financial sustainability.

Natural Capital Protocol

Climate change has provided irrefutable evidence that natural conditions are changing at an unprecedented rate and in an unpredictable fashion.  These changes have significant direct and indirect impacts on all organizational dependencies related to natural capital.  Without identifying, quantifying, and properly valuing these dependencies organizations (and nations) risk being caught unprepared for events that lead to unforeseen resource scarcities.  The Natural Capital Protocol provides an internationally standardized decision-making framework enabling organizations to identify their nature-based dependencies and take steps to plan for and mitigate scarcity / market risks.