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Transforming decision making, reducing risk, and increasing opportunity through a more comprehensive accounting of value.

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Capitals Hub Canada is part of the Capitals Coalition, a global collaboration redefining value to transform decision making. We believe that organizational value, currently accounted for mainly in financial terms, is underpinned by four different ‘capitals’: Produced (including financial), Natural, Human, and Social. By valuing and accounting for these capitals, organizations stand to de-risk their operations while identifying new opportunities.

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Understanding and properly valuing the interwoven web of dependencies on natural, social, and human capital results in significantly increased transparency regarding an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  These insights inform and redefine decision making frameworks, allowing for more comprehensive, long-term, and financially sustainable decisions to be taken.

Explore how applying these protocols can improve decision making for organizations and the Canadian economy as a whole.

Social & Human capital Protocol
Natural Capital protocol

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All across the country organizations are evaluating, implementing, refining, and deriving value from the application of the Natural and Social & Human Capital Protocols. They are being guided by experienced practitioners, members of civil society are meaningfully contributing to the evolving national implementation discussions, and policymakers are taking note…

Join the community of practice and share in the nationwide redefinition of value, for the betterment of all Canadians.