Community of Practice

Capitals Hub Canada (the Canadian chapter of the international Capitals Coalition) strives to support organizations across our country to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of, and accounting for, their dependencies on natural, social, and human capital.

This support includes facilitating interactions between different interested stakeholders – be they those applying / seeking to apply these approaches, those with the capacity and expertise to guide implementation, members of civil society interested in being part of the conversation, or policymakers seeking a deeper understanding of how a Capitals approach can make Canada better.

We aspire to eventually provide an interactive online medium for all parties to connect and share, complementing the international Capitals Community platform. However, during our launch phase, we have implemented a ‘concierge service’ to facilitate our community of practice by helping people and organizations seeking guidance in one or more capitals/areas to connect with key materials to further their understanding of different capitals and related methodologies, as well as experts and consultants providing their services for those seeking in-depth support.

If you wish to join our community of practice, please fill out the form below. From there, we can help guide you to the resources best suited to your unique needs. You may select more than one area of interest if you wish to be kept abreast of relevant advancements in more than one area.